Principal's Page


Welcome to my Principal's Page!  I am honored to serve the great community of Montevideo as Principal of the Montevideo Middle School.  My educational philosophy is centered around building positive relationships with all stakeholders and providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students.  My leadership philosophy is based on the principles of servant leadership.  I believe my role is to provide the necessary resources for all to succeed and seek input from others when making decisions.

Here at Montevideo Middle School we have amazing students, teachers, parents, and community members all working together on educating our youth.  Along with strong core content areas of math, reading, social studies, science, and physical education; we also provide many elective options such as band, choir, art, technology, family and consumer science, industrial arts, and health.

At the Montevideo Middle School we believe that every child can succeed and we provide various levels of academic and social/emotional supports to assist students who may need a little extra help.  Some of these resources include: Special Education, English Language Learners (ESL), Title 1 reading and math (grades 4-5), Math Interventionist, Reading Interventionist, Discovery (social/emotional support), Social Workers, School-Linked Mental Health through Woodland Centers, and Bring it Home (food assistance).

It is the hard work, dedication, and high expectations that we require of our stakeholders that makes us a GREAT school!

Please contact me anytime!

Shawn Huntley
MMS Principal
320-269-6431 ext. 2165